Coen Burners

coenCoen burner equipment and combustion systems provide optimum performance, meeting the needs of the power industry, Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) utility boiler, industrial boiler, cogeneration, wood products, pyro-processing, solid fuel, refinery, oil recovery/steam flood, and petrochemical industries.

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Low Emission Burners for Boilers

If you are a facility or business located in California, it is crucial that you comply with state emissions regulations when it comes to your boiler. These emissions regulations are put in place to protect the environment and decrease harmful pollution in our cities. To comply with these rules, you must regularly test your boiler to check that it isn’t producing too much pollution.

The crew at Manley’s Boiler can help you determine whether you are operating within legal limits through a series of tests. It is important to comply with state standards in order to avoid costly penalties and fines.

Upgrading Your Burners

One way to ensure your equipment meets these new regulations is to upgrade your boiler’s burner to a Coen burner. Coen has engineered top of the line burners with state emissions requirements in mind using a variation of rapid mix technology to produce an efficient, clean burner (under 6 ppm NoX) with the industrial capacity you need.

A Coen burner, like the company’s Cell-Rapid Mix Burner, is an investment in your boiler. Other benefits of the Coen Cell Rapid Mix Burner include easy installation, cost savings, and simple, user-friendly controls. Manley’s Boiler stocks, sells, and installs Coen products. We can help you discover if a new burner from Coen is right for you.

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