Cleaver Brooks Boiler

Cleaver Brooks Boiler

About Cleaver Brooks

Cleaver Brooks Boiler was founded in 1929 by John Cleaver and Raymond Brooks. In 1931, they began producing packaged boilers. They are committed to research and development and are now a leading manufacturer of boiler room equipment across the United States. Today, they are committed to producing energy efficient and technological equipment for steam and hot water boilers to reduce boiler environmental impact.

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Our Experience with Cleaver Brooks

Manley’s Boiler LLC has years of experience installing and repairing Cleaver Brooks Boilers. Our technicians and staff are well trained and have an average of 15+ years in the boiler industry each. We offer 24/7 boiler service and support to ensure that your facility has minimal downtime in case of an emergency. We also carry essential boiler parts in local warehouse. Our technicians regularly maintain Cleaver Brooks Boilers, so if you are in need of service, Manley’s Boiler is the company for you.  

C4 Licensed Contractor

We are a C4 Licensed Contractor, meaning that we install, service, and repair every boiler make and model. ONLY licensed boiler contractors are permitted to work on boilers – plenty of our work is correcting incorrectly installed boilers done by Plumbers or HVAC (air conditioning) contractors. Unlicensed or out-of-class work by these contractors is both dangerous and illegal, so you should trust the established brand of Manley’s Boiler for any boiler related need. Our technicians are experienced and knowledgeable and will handle your needs with ease and skill.

Why Cleaver Brooks

Cleaver Brooks is dedicated to research and development as they develop energy efficient, low emissions products. They offer a full line of energy solutions, such as heat recovery packages, integrated control systems and burner upgrades, and firetube and watertube boiler packages to reduce energy usage. Cleaver Brooks products are state-of-the-art and are built to last.

Popular Cleaver Brooks Products

CBEX Elite

  • Steam and hot water
  • Larger furnace for higher heat release rates
  • 250 to 800 HP
  • Designed to 82% nominal efficiency
  • Offers 30 ppm NOx with 3% O2 across the 10:1 turndown range
  • Meets 10 ppm CO requirement


  • Fully condensing hydronic boiler
  • 500 to 3,300 MBTU
  • Natural gas and propane
  • 125 psi
  • Standard less than 20 ppm NOx

ClearFire Horizontal Steam Boiler

  • Steam Boiler
  • 10 to 60 HP
  • Natural gas and propane
  • 15 of 150 psig
  • Standard at less than 20 ppm NOx, less than 10 ppm CO
  • Field-erectable packages available

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is boiler efficiency?
    • Boiler efficiency is a measure of how efficiently chemical energy in fuel is converted into heat energy in steam going into the turbines.
  • What is boiler pressure?
    • Boiler pressure is the pressure of hot water running in your sealed central heating system.
  • Where are cleaver brooks boilers made?
    • There are 8 manufacturing facilities around the world including Nebraska, Mexico, Wisconsin, China, Canada, and Georgia. They are headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia.