Boiler Economizers

Cain Industries is an industry leader focused on engineering and manufacturing the best combustion exhaust heat transfer products, with specific expertise in boiler exhaust. They’ve been working with boilers since 1978 and their expertise in recovering wasted heat is unmatched. Like Manley’s Boiler, Inc., Cain Industries strives to provide the highest quality products and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Cain’s line of intelligently designed products includes rectangular tube recovery systems, fin coil recovery systems, boiler economizers, energy managers, finned tube recovery systems, and packaged boiler feed systems—all crafted for top industrial boiler performance. Manley’s Boiler, Inc. is proud to offer Cain products to our clients.

Adding an Economizer

Boiler economizers can help you save money by reducing boiler waste, which is a natural occurrence during the combustion process. Economizers improve your boiler’s efficiency by capturing the heat that escapes from the boiler stack and circulating it back through the boiler’s feedwater. When the feedwater is fueled by this excess heat, your boiler needs lower energy input and firing rates to produce the ideal boiler output.

Adding an economizer to your current system is simple, as Cain’s boiler products are made with a lightweight design, so an economizer can be installed quickly and easily with your existing equipment. If you’re looking to maximize your boiler’s productivity, ask Manley’s Boiler, Inc. whether Cain’s products are right for you.