When to Upgrade 

If your boiler control system was installed more than 5 years ago, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Keeping boiler control systems up to date will help maximize efficiency and keep your boiler safe and running.  This can include Fuel/Air Ratio Controls (FARC) display, Combustion Controls, and Flame Safeguard Controls.  Our control units keep logs to track performance and boiler

Manley’s Boiler has decades of experience with the top 3 boiler control manufacturers to consider: Honeywell, Fireye, and Siemens.


Image result for honeywellHoneywell controls are commonly used and fit most facility needs, and can be equipped with UV/IR flame sensors.  Our line of Honeywell controls includes: ABC900, S7800, SLATE, RM7800, and R7999.


Image result for fireyeFireye controls are simple to install and provide value at a fair price.  Our most commonly installed and serviced Fireye controls are the PPC4000 and PPC6000 series.


Image result for siemensSiemens control systems have more robust feature set and are also the most expensive.  Our Siemens control products include: Electronic Water Level Control System, LMV3 Linkageless Burner Management System, and LMV5 Linkageless Burner Management System.

More About Boiler Controls

Boiler controls detect unusual, undesirable, and dangerous conditions, and automatically take steps to remedy the situation. While the range of controls available for industrial boilers varies, there are some more basic controls that you will want, no matter what kind of system you use. For any type of boiler, you’ll typically want some kind of low water cutoff control. This control monitors the water level of your boiler and can be programmed to initiate a shutdown to prevent damaging or dangerous firing conditions. Sometimes low water cutoffs are combined with water feeders in one control. Your technician will be able to tell you if this combination is right for your boiler.

Water feeders and liquid level controls are two additional and important considerations when it comes to commercial boiler controls. Water feeders are an efficiency-creating control that eliminates the need to manually add water to a boiler. They are used in conjunction with low water cutoff controls. As with low water cutoffs, the purpose of water feeders and liquid level controls is to keep your boiler functioning safely, and if there is a dangerous low water condition, water feeders and water cutoff controls will adjust water levels or prompt a shutdown in order to prevent significant damage and dangerous firing conditions. If this sounds complicated or overwhelming, don’t worry—the technicians at Manley’s Boiler are experts at making recommendations and installing the appropriate commercial boiler controls for your system.

In addition to our expertise with boiler control systems, Manley’s is the only Southern California provider of advanced remote boiler monitoring systems.  Remote monitoring ensures that your boiler will operate at peak efficiency, reduce downtime, and save you money by identifying problems before they happen.

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