Boilers for Businesses

Dixon Boiler Works

Need your Dixon boiler service now? Have a boiler emergency? Call 562-427-3144 for 24/7 service. Scour the internet for anything about Dixon Boilers, from technical manuals to a history of the company, and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything beyond the fact that the company shut down years ago. But great news is that….

The Significance of AQMD Rules & Other Industry Standards

What Are AQMD Rules? AQMD (Air Quality Management District) is a governing body that regulates air pollution to protect citizen health, while remaining sensitive to business needs and daily operation requirements. Their rules are in place in order to restrict and govern the level of emissions that are produced during regular combustion processes. These guidelines….

Non-Traditional and Unique Boiler Uses

You are likely pretty familiar with the traditional function of a boiler in both an industrial and a residential setting. Boilers are common, necessary pieces of equipment and chances are, if you are in a large commercial or industrial facility, there is a powerful boiler that helps to keep your operations running. However, industrial boilers….

Explore the Increasing Popularity of Package Boilers

In the boiler manufacturing and service industry, we know that efficiency and cost savings are crucial to any well-designed boiler. Your company’s bottom line is important, and the professionals at Manley’s Boiler want to help you reduce costs by eliminating inefficient or outdated boiler equipment. If you are researching boilers for lease or for purchase,….

What Is a BTU and How Does It Relate to Boilers?

Have boiler technical questions and need help with your boiler system? No problem, we’ve got you covered. We’re a California boiler service, maintenance, and repair company that can help – head over and Contact Us or if there’s an emergency call 562-427-3144 for service. Understanding a BTU You’ve likely heard or read the abbreviation BTU….

3 Industries That Rely on the Power of an Industrial Steam Boiler

Manley’s Boiler has been in the industrial boiler business for decades, working with our wide range of clients to install, repair, purchase, and rent boilers. In that time, our clients have run the gamut, from major California hospitals to prisons. No matter who we’re working with, we’re here to help you get the job done….

An Overview of How Industrial Boilers Work

We get it: industrial boilers are massive, complex pieces of equipment and it can take a lot of time to develop an understanding of how they work. The team at Manley’s Boiler is here to give you a primer on the basics of your industrial boiler. Here’s what you need to know to start—though, of….

5 Steps to Finding the Right Industrial Boiler for Your Needs

There are a number of considerations to take into account when you’re looking to purchase or lease an industrial boiler. Boiler purchases can be a significant investment, so here at Manley’s Boiler we will walk you through the steps you should take before you make any kind of commitment to a new piece of equipment…..

The Perks of a Commercial Gas Boiler

Buying or leasing a boiler can get complicated, but Manley’s Boiler is here to make it simple. We’re here to help you decide whether a commercial gas boiler is right for you and your company. Gas boilers generate heat from burning natural gas.This means that a commercial gas boiler is hooked up to an external….